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Patient Testimonials

Hair transplantation using the FUE technique at the Trius Institute

Before deciding to have a hair transplant, I was already a patient of Dr. Trius and I already knew the causes of my alopecia. We tried for a while to combat the loss of hair with Finasteride tablets and liquid Minoxidil applied directly to the scalp. The problem was that these two substances are needed daily and although I noticed improvement, it was uncomfortable. So I wanted information about hair transplantation, and after consulting the doctor we decided that the technique that suited me best was the FUE technique.

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As a patient, I think that in order to define my experience as best as I can, it should be divided into 3 parts: pre-operative, operative and post-operative.

During the pre-operative I went to Dr. Trius’s appointment at 07:00 a.m. on Thursday and returned to have explained in detail what the intervention would consist of and I was introduced to the team of nurses with whom I would work. I took the last photos before the operation, I dressed in a bathrobe, they cut my hair to zero (that was the hardest part) and we entered the room to begin the intervention.

I was, like the majority of patients who are not doctors, somewhat nervous and scared before starting, but within 5 minutes of entering, after having already started the operation, I was completely relaxed.

The operation. We started at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and we finish around 17:00 in the afternoon which would be the first part of the ​​follicle extraction area and already with some of the first grafts done. Thanks to sedation and local anesthesia, I didn’t notice anything during the entire operation and moreover, I was fully aware of everything:

I could go to talk to the nurses and the doctor, at various times I slept, watched TV or listened to music, so it was not an uncomfortable intervention.

We paused mid-morning for a juice and some chocolate biscuits and another lunch break to eat. At the end of that day, I went home to sleep and returned the next day at the same time to start with the second extraction area and finish with the missing grafts.

That night I slept well, since the first extraction zone was on the back of my head and also on the right, I had to sleep face down and sideways.

The doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory pills and some others for the pain, which I did not have to use. More than pain, in the operated area, I remember a stinging sensation that was alleviated with saline spray.

Finally, we finished up with the transplants that were left to be done, everything went exactly the same as the day before. As I say, during the intervention I did not notice absolutely anything, just some little vibrations from time to time from the cylindrical scalpel, but nothing more. As Dr. Trius had advised me, I protected the treated area with the famous “fisherman’s cap”, I took pills I was prescribed for a week, and moisturized the treated area with a serum for the first few days. The feeling of stinging lasts a few days, but it is easy to take and the serum really helps to soothe the itching. A month after the operation there is a critical moment that the non-transplanted hair grows normally, but the grafted hairs fall out. The doctor had already warned me that this might happen and that the complete cycle would last would last about 6 months, and that the grafted hairs fall due to being damaged during the transplant.

Basically, when that happens, you’re simply the same as before. Today 3 months have already passed since my intervention and for some weeks I have started seeing the first results. My first hairs appeared in the grafted areas and must already e about 4 millimeters in length, and growing.

My experience with a FUE capillary graft intervention at the Trius Institute

My friend Rubén and I, after long discussions and searching for information on the internet, decided to have a graft treatment. After several visits and requesting information from the various hair treatment centers in Barcelona. The decision to go to the Trius Institute was instantaneous and undoubted after the meeting that we had with Dr. Trius in her office at the Trius Institute in Balmes street in Barcelona.

Her explanations and knowledge about the procedure, capillary growth phases, and the technique used for the implant, as well as all the current before and after photos of patients, made us see that her experience was the best option.

Dr. Trius answered all the doubts that we had, and we felt we had found a trustworthy person.

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I’m a patient of Dr. Trius. When I reached menopause, I decided to put myself in her hands to treat some aspects of my skin, but I finally also tried several treatments that not only improved my physical appearance but also my health. Now I have new habits that make me feel better. Throughout all the time I was going to the Trius Institute, I received warm and professional treatment from its team.