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 Restoration of previous hair transplants


At present, linear scars from previous transplants in which the FUSS (or STRING) technique was used can be widely repaired or disguised more or less.

There are two options:

1-Transplanting grafts into the scar using the FUE technique:

It is a small hair transplant in the scar itself.

The grafts are obtained by the FUE technique and without the need to shave since the scalp has usually between 100 and 400 grafts.

Only small linear areas (2 mm in width) are shaved and hidden immediately by the superior unshaded hair. By the next day the hair is improved aesthetically and the patients are able to continue with their normal lives.

 2- Micropigmentation of the scar:

It consists of tattooing the scar to shade it the same color as the hair to hide the white “transparent” colour as the pigment changes its hue over time, repigmentation occurs after approximately 2 years.


Transplants performed more than 15 years ago usually have the appearance of “wrist hair”, and can be repaired to provide a more natural look.

Using the FUE technique, the diameter of the old grafts is decreased, reusing the hair which was obtained, to graft a mix of the old and new.

More grafts will be obtained from the donor site (with FUE or FUSS technique) implanted in the anterior zone or the first capillary line between old grafts. In this way the old, thick grafts will be camouflaged among the new implanted hairs.

The results are very satisfactory and the patient is no longer worried about camouflaging the grafts of “wrist hair”.