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Neural therapy

It is a regulatory, integral and holistic therapy that acts through the nervous system, specifically the autonomic or autonomic nervous system (non-voluntary), using small amounts of local anesthetics in low concentrations.

The purpose is to regularize the altered tissue, helping the body to find its balance again. Organs and tissues are interrelated with the autonomous nervous system, which manages the information it sends and receives continuously, so that what happens in one part of the organism has repercussions for the rest.

In Neural Therapy we observe the individual as an EVERYTHING, and therefore in the disease is treated equally, not only the sick or changed parts. In other words, we do not observe or treat only the altered areas, but the treatment of the whole body.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment starts with an interview with a doctor or neural therapist, who diagnoses any changes in balance of the patient’s body, through different questions and observations.

Injections depositing small amounts of local anesthetic at very low concentrations are applied at specific points, solely for regulatory effects, not anesthetic.

There are usually monthly checkups, although the cadence of them depends on the evolution of each specific case.