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Mesotherapy is a technique invented in 1952 by the French doctor Michel Pistor. It consists of introducing chemical substances at the site of the pathology by means of minimal and regional intradermal doses, to reach the affected organ in the fastest manner, with lower doses administered over a longer period.

Its use on the face (mesolifting), provides rejuvenation, moisturizing and revitalization of the skin and acting against flaccidity. At capillary level it is use to strengthen the hair. On the body it is used to palliate cellulite and reduce localized adiposity provided it is accompanied by a proper diet.

How is mesotherapy applied?

Mesotherapy is not painful, although it can cause some discomfort, to minimize the sensation, depending on the area to be treated, an anesthetic cream is applied 20-30 minutes before the session. After cleansing the skin, superficial multiple micro-punctures are performed with an injection gun with a very fine needle (32G).

In general, 15-minute sessions are held. Depending on the substance that is injected, sessions will be held once a week for about 6-10 weeks just like the treatment of cellulitis and fatty clumps, or else once every 15 days as in the case of facial growth vitamins, for a total of 3-4 sessions. Maintenance sessions are recommended 2 to 3 times a year.

Both the number of sessions and the frequency of sessions will be assessed for each case and area to be treated.

What is the use of mesotherapy in aesthetic medicine?

In aesthetic medicine mesotherapy is used to nourish the skin, improve the hair, treat skin and body disorders such as: facial aging, lack of hydration, flaccidity, cellulitis, dark circles and scars.

  • On a facial it level stimulates collagen and nourishes the skin. Revitalizing vitamins, minerals, homeopathy and moisturizers and such as hyaluronic acid are used. Generally 3-4 sessions for 4 weeks, it is advisable to have a maintenance session every five or six months. It can be done together with a peeling, obtaining better results, when treating the external skin as well as internally.
  • At the capillary level vitamins and hair-strengthening substances are injected. It serves to delay hair fall, to improve growth and to fortify and to stimulate the circulation of the scalp. A weekly or biweekly session is held for a total of 6 sessions, and then change to a frequency of 1 /month for 3 or 4 more months, it all depends on each specific case.
  • At the corporal level, there are runs of 8 to 10 sessions, with a cadence of 1/week. Homeopathic products and ALIDYA® are used for the treatment of cellulite and improve the texture of the skin.
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals
  • Uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid
  • Homeopathy
  • Growth factors
  • People who have undergone surgical intervention in the area and at least four months have not elapsed.
  • People with certain diseases or skin infections.
  • People who present allergies to any of the components.

It is normal that during the procedure there is a sensation of itching, mild pain, small papules at puncture sites, redness and inflammation.

It is advisable to use sunscreens with a factor of more than 20. In the case of small areas of bruising, a make-up can be applied to cover it.