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The testosterone efecte blocker in the hair is an oral medication available on a doctor’s prescription. Has been available on the market for more than 10 years and is safe and effective.

 Works on some people very well and in others not so well, but the truth is that it is currently the best medicine to combat hair loss for a large percentage of people, and in others it can reverse the effects of hair that has become fine and losing color (indicating that it is in the last capillary cycle), by pigmenting and thickening it.

Works best with mild to moderate alopecia, but may also help patients with more advanced alopecia to preserve remaining hair, its use has even been suggested by hair transplant surgeons as an effective medication to delay or reverse male pattern baldness.

It is often used as a complementary treatment for patients who have had hair transplants.

How it Works

Taking into account that the development of androgenic alopecia depends on two factors: genetics + male hormone (androgen).

The testosterone efecte blocker in the hair acts by decreasing the amount of androgens that reach the hair follicle, specifically DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This is done by inhibiting 5 alpha-reductase type 2, an enzyme responsible for transforming Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone in the hair follicle, thus producing less amounts of DHT.

Because there are 2 enzymes responsible for transforming Testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone: 5 alpha-reductase type I and 5 alpha-reductase type II, and that only acts on type II, there will always be DHT that continues acting on the hair follicle and other parts of the body. The results will be much better for those who have been losing hair for a shorter period of time.

As it is impossible to know “a priori” the degree of the benefits that can be expected from the drug for a particular person, needs at least 6 months. From here, the continuity or not, of the treatment, will be evaluated.

The effect  is potentiated with minoxidil because it acts by different mechanisms of action, which is why They are used jointly.

Possible Side Effects

The testosterone efecte blocker in the hairis a drug that is generally well tolerated. Most of the side effects, if they do occur, are not common, and only tend to follow prolonged use 

In only 2% of cases has  caused any loss of Libido (sexual appetite) and ejaculatory volume, usually with the use of medication, these problems diminish or revert to normal with the cessation of the medication.

At the start of the treatment, a greater hair fall may appear, but this is transient and should not be the cause of treatment stoppage.

A negative aspect of The testosterone efecte blocker in the hair is that when you stop taking it you lose everything that has been gained, from what is, in principle, a drug which must be taken for life.

Has passed all controls on tumor induction and in addition is fairly well tolerated.

The use in fertile women is totally contraindicated since it could produce alterations in the sexual development of the fetus.

In contraceptive or menopausal women it is well tolerated and can help to stop hair loss, although the dose indicated is slightly higher than with men. Its use in women does not, under any circumstances, lead to virilization in women.