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Lobuloplasty or surgery of the earlobes corrects the deformations of this zone, like enlargement of holes or tearing of the earlobe, usually caused by the constant use of very heavy earrings or by being pulled.

These defects lead to the constant loss of earrings or even being impossible to wear them. Also with the passage of time the ear lobes can lengthen, becoming enlarged and change shape.


This is a small outpatient intervention, i.e. without the need for hospitalization, as it is performed under local anesthesia. It usually lasts approximately 40 minutes because it is a simple, but meticulous intervention.

It’s not just about stitching to close the hole. To achieve proper closure you really have to cradle the edges of the hole so that it heals correctly. The edges are smoothed so that they do not become uneven along the seam either in front or behind the lobe. It is then covered with a Band-Aid while it cures.


As in any surgical procedure, however small, activities requiring excessive force should be avoided for a couple of days, but you can continue as normal if there are no physical activities.

The stitches are removed within 8 days. After 15 days a new hole for the piercing can be made. It is important that when this hole is made, a precious metal piercing is worn (preferably gold) that can be treated with alcohol (avoid pearls) and that it I small, since it will not be removed for about another 15 days.