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Liposuction consists of extracting non-fat deposits from areas of the body, including the abdomen, Hips, flanks, trochanters, thighs, knees, calves, ankles, buttocks, the anterior and posterior part of the armpits, the back, the chin, etc.

It is recommended for those people who wish to reduce fat volume either in small, isolated areas or larger areas that are in disproportion with the rest of the body. Liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, or cellulite, although it can improve the treated areas.

The amount of fat that can be removed will depend on the elasticity of the skin of that particular area. On occasions when there is a lot of flaccidity it will be necessary to associate liposuction with a skin resection of the area or limit the emptying of fat so that the skin does not become more flaccid. A careful evaluation is important and in particular the characteristics of each case.


Lo más importante de la liposucción es la marcación previa de las zonas a tratar. Estando el/la paciente de pie, la cirujana va marcando con un rotulador las áreas que se tratarán como si de un mapa orográfico se tratara. Estas áreas ya han sido previamente valoradas con el/la paciente. La liposucción generalmente se realiza con anestesia local, anestesia local y sedación, anestesia peridural o anestesia general. La elección depende de la cantidad de grasa que se prevea que va a ser extraída.

Mediante una pequeña incisión (generalmente inferior a 5mm), situada en pliegues naturales siempre que sea posible para que quede escondida, se introduce una cánula muy fina a través de la cual se depositando la anestesia. Después de esperar unos 15-30 minutos se inicia la aspiración de grasa a través de una cánula de 3 o 4 mm conectada a una máquina de vacío, realizando numerosos túneles en el área previamente marcada.

Una vez realizada la operación, se pone una faja ortopédica o vendaje compresivo según el área tratada.


Any liposuction aftercare is directly proportional to the amount of fat extracted, something that is evaluated for each specific case. An assessment of the treated area can usually be made from anything between1-2 days to 1 week, but thanks to treating liposuction with homeopathy, any signs disappear after about 10 days.

Postoperative pain decreases in intensity during the first week, although it is also proportional to the amount of fat removed. Anti-inflammatories are prescribed to control it during the first 3 days only.

Lymphatic drainage is usually necessary for about 3 weeks (2 per week) and mechanical massages during the following month. As always, it depends on each case.


About a month or month and a half after liposuction, there are already changes in the body’s contour although the final results of liposuction should not be evaluated before six months.

The new proportions of the body contour that have been obtained will be maintained, since the fat cells will not be reproduced again, unless the person has any extreme hormonal changes or morbid obesity.