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Facial mesotherapy with trace elements of vitamins, and amino acids

Facial mesotherapy with vitamins deeply hydrates the skin, improves flaccidity and stimulates the new formation of collagen and elastin, making the skin more luminous, smooth and young looking.

What is it? What is recommended?

In this technique, a standard series of micro-injections are applied, for example, hyaluronic acid, vitamins (A, B, C, E, and K), minerals, coenzymes, nucleic acids, etc.

It is recommended to improve the appearance of the skin, to prevent and combat aging, flaccidity and improve hydration.

How does it work?

Using micro-injections at the level of the most superficial layers of the skin, we obtained the effect of mechanical stimulation favoring the oxygenation of the tissue and increased cellular metabolism with the consequent stimulation of collagen.

What is the treatment?

Multiple micro injections in the most superficial layer of the skin. To avoid discomfort an anesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes before.

The session lasts about 10 minutes. At the end, a cold soothing mask is applied.

It is advisable to carry out 2-3 consecutive initial sessions (leaving 15 days between them) to obtain a more intense and lasting result.

To perform basic maintenance, 4 sessions per year are recommended at the start each year.


Thanks to the application of the soothing mask during the 10 minutes after treatment, only a slight redness may remain after the session.

If necessary, you can put on make-up before leaving.

After the session, some small bruises may appear, in which case you should apply an arnica ointment.

A sunscreen should be used for 15 days after of treatment.

  • Allergy to any of the compounds, in this case it is sufficient just to remove the said element from the mixture
  • Inflammation or infection in the area to be treated
  • In pregnant or lactating women
  • Existence of autoimmune diseases