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What is Aqualyx®?

It is an aqueous solution with a gelatinous base, biocompatible and totally absorbable, suitable for the treatment and elimination of the adipocytes definitively.

How does Aqualyx® work?

Its main function is the elimination of localized fat, destroying the fat cells. Aqualyx® is completely reabsorbed, leaving no trace in the body.

It is not a weight loss treatment that fights against being overweight or obesity, it is especially recommended to eliminate localized fat clusters.

The most common areas are the abdomen, hips and knees. Lipomas or small (benign) fat cell tumors respond very well to this treatment, avoiding the scar that an extraction of the lipoma would leave.

How is it performed?

The application of Aqualyx® is ambulatory and does not require anesthesia. The product is administered by a single puncture with a fine needle in each zone that allows the Aqualyx® to be distributed homogeneously in the adipose tissue called intralipoterapia. Aqualyx® liquefies the adipocyte (fat cell) so that lipids are naturally removed through the lymphatic system.

Once the treatment is finished it is advisable during the first days to use compression measures (socks or girdle) and perform a lymphatic drainage. The areas where the best results are obtained are hips, knees, jowls, inner thighs and, especially lipomas


Non-surgical reduction of localized fat and cellulite can be achieved with this product.

The results will begin to be appreciated from the 5th session. About 7-10 sessions are usually performed, depending on the specific case.

How long does the entire process take?

The session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Is it painful?

After the injection, a mild, minor swelling may appear. Superficial bruising or mild to moderate skin redness may occur. These reactions are considered normal in this type of treatment and disappear completely in a few days.

Although in general the application of Aqualix is ​​well tolerated, it may not exclude the possibility of temporary pain.

During the 4-5 days after being administered, a slight discomfort may remain in the treated area.

Do you have any contraindications?

It is contraindicated in case of pregnancy or lactation, infectious diseases, acute or chronic, and in serious pathologies such as heart disease, nephropathy, hepatopathy and diabetes. Nor should it be used on patients with clinical history of either allergic or anaphylactic reactions.


In patients with haemorrhagic and / or coagulation disorders and those who are undergoing anticoagulant therapy, the product should be used with caution since bleeding or bruising is more likely to occur.

When are the effects noticed?

The reduction of volume begins to be noticed from the 5th week, then there is an assessment to see if there is the need for another session.